Faithful WGLL-230BE : 3KW 230L Forced Air Drying Oven



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WGLL series drying oven is functional type oven, it has the following characteristics other than those WGL drying oven has : LCD with function of timing and over-temperature protection.Independent temperature safety device. Auto break off when over temperature limit. Auto power switch which provide double protection to ensure experiment run safely and no accident.WGLL-625BE features top air forced with universal wheel.

  • 600x500x750/230L
  • Model NO.: WGLL-230BE
  • Structure: Desktop
  • Certification: CE, ISO
  • Type : Air Flow Drier
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Application: School, Hosipital, Lab
  • Trademark: FAITHFUL


This equipment is widely used for drying, curing, melting and heating in experiments of industrial enterprises, scientific research institutions, and health and medicine units etc.

1. Vertical type, cold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior.
2. Well coordinated bottom air blower and heater and vertical hot air circulation ensure the temperature evenness.
3. Favin stainless steel or cold rolling steel inner chamber; Foursquare semicircle transition; Flexible positioning and removable shelf. Airduct lateral plate and bottom heater covering are easy to assembly and disassembly for convenient cleaning.
4. PID micro-computer intelligent temperature controller with functions of timing and over-temperature protection. Precise test in temperature control and easy to read.
5. Door with wide double-glass observation window, adjustable airtight buckle lock, and heat resistant silicon rubber seal, which efficiently prevent heat loss.

WGLL-625 features top blowing with universal wheel.
Optional Accessory:
1. RS485/232 interface: Connect to network for temperature switch control
2. Micro type printer: Elapsed temperature record printing
3. Independent power cut protection: Protect specimen
4. Independent temperature limits system: Auto-break-off when over temperature limit.

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