Extech TL841: Test Lead Kit



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  • 16-piece kit with multiple test lead tip configuration

    The Extech TL841 Test Lead Kit is a test lead set with straight probes that are CAT III-1000V rated with a capacity of 16A. This kit comes with an alligator clip set with a CAT III-300V rating and a capacity of 5A. Includes the TL743 slim reach test probe set and the spade lugs which have a 0.16 inch (4mm) opening, 30VAC/60VDC and a capacity of 5A. This kit also includes the test leads, right angle, straight end and CAT III-1000V rated with a capacity of 16A. Comes with the hook tips, pincer tip and couplers and is conveniently stored in a pouch case.

  • Test Lead Kit Features

    • Test Lead Set with Straight Probes, CAT III-1000V, 16A
    • Alligator Clip Set, 5A, CAT III-300V
    • TL743 – Slim Reach Test Probe Set
    • Spade Lugs, 0.16″ (4mm) opening, 30VAC/60VDC, 5A
    • Test Leads, Right Angle, Straight End, CAT III-1000V, 16A
    • Test Leads with Hook Tip, Pincer Tip, and Couplers
    • Conveniently stored in a pouch case


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