Kane 9206: Flue Gas Analyser & Emission Monitor



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Key features include:

  • Large Graphical Display
    – Up to 15 lines of text/data can be displayed
  • Wireless link from the handset to the base unit
    – Offering cable free connection
  •  GPS Location
    – Pinpoint exact test location
  • Wireless & USB Connection to PC
    – Use the KANE LIVE software to monitor readings in “real time”
  • Large internal memory
    – Can store up to 64,000 tests
  • Main Purge
    – Allows sensor zeroing without the need to withdraw the probe from the flue
    – Refreshes the sensors during long term monitoring
    – Automatically protects the sensors from being over-ranged.
  • Active Flow Control
    – Compensates for sample pressure fluctuation & filter blocking by adjusting the pump speed to maintain a set sample gas flow rate
  • Built in Printer with additional output to optional portable IR Printer
    – IR printer ideal when working away from the base unit

Main Measurement Screen:
Top line:
Shows status messages
O2 & CO2 are shown in %
Other gases shown in ppm or other user selected units
CO can be shown in % if optional IR bench fitted
Displayed in °C or °F. N\F = not fitted
Atmospheric Pressure (ATM):
Is always displayed in mbar
When a calculation cannot be made due to an out of range value ———— will be displayed

1. The KANE9206 Quintox Standard Kit
KANE 9206 Standard Kit Includes: Handset, Base Unit & Power Supply
Measures: 02: 0-25%
CO (H2 Compensated): 0-10000ppm
CO2 (calculated): 0-20%
Temperature: 0-1100°C
Pressure: 0-150 mbar
Efficiency: 1-100%

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