Temtop PMD 331: Air Quality Handheld Particle Counter 7 Channels


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Temtop particle counter composed of Laser emitter, Silicon Photocell, Opto-mechanical Structure, Optic, Cutter, Air Pump, Filter Device and Electronic Circuit. It provides real-time and accurate counts for 0.3μm/ 0.5μm/ 0.7μm/ 1μm/ 2.5μm/ 5μm/ 10μm.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 6.69*4.33*1.97 Inches
  • Working Principle: Laser Mie-scattering Principle
  • Working Temperature Range: 0~50℃
  • Storage Temperature Range: -20℃~60℃
  • Measuring Range: 0~3,000,000 particles/ft³<br>Accuracy: ±10% (Calibrated Aerosol)
  • Traffic: 2.83L/min
  • Laser Emitter: 50mW, 780nm
  • Sampling Rate: 3~60s
  • Data Storage: 2,000,000 points
  • Communication Mode: RS232/USB
  • Weight: 1.8 lb.

Key Feature:

  • Innovative Handheld particle counter: Measures 7 mass range simultaneous: 0.3μm 0.5μm 0.7μm 1μm 2.5μm 5μm 10μm in one minute from startup.
  • Easy to Read and Operate: 4″ TFT LCD large display for viewing particle data, seven front-panel buttons for controlling a user-friendly, menu-driven platform for easy configuration.
  • Versatile Data Output Options: Stores up to 2,000,000 records and export data via USB port, RS-232 communication mode, or just Bluetooth.
  • Large battery capacity: Continuous 8 hours operation after fully charged.
  • Wide Application: Trusted in HVAC, dust-free workshop, surgical rooms, filter testing, IAQ investigation, air quality monitoring and etc.

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