Metrix MTX3292: Hand-Held Digital Multimeter



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This portable graphical colour multimeter with digital display provides direct measurements of the main electrical quantities. This innovative design ensures that it is compact, rugged, leakproof and comfortable to hold. The major advantages lie in the product’s HMI, the advanced measurement functions and the measurement assistance provided.


Large backlit colour graphical LCD, 320 x 240 pts (70 x 52 mm)
Graphical display, monitoring, storage, specifications on 4 measurement levels (1 main and 3 secondary) simultaneously
Digital switch with lighting of main function keys (8 positions)
Storage: 1000 measurements
DC, AC and AC+DC voltage
DC, AC and AC+DC current
Resistance and continuity
Diode test
Temperature with Pt100 / 1000 and K / J TC
Protection: IP67
Communication: IR / USB

Supplied with

4 x Ni-MH rechargeable batteries 2400 mAH 1.5V, 2 x cables 1.5 m long (1 x red, 1 x black), Red CAT IV 1 kV test probe, Black CAT IV 1 kV test probe, USB optical cable + SX-DMM software, User’s guide on CD ROM and Startup Guide on paper.

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